Before we dive in, you should know that I LOVE Fall leaves and Family Photos during Fall. No, really. Colorado takes my breath away every year with it’s insane Fall beauty.  If you want to continue to add Family Photos on top of your heavy Fall to do list -Holiday Planning, shorter days, visits from relatives -stop your scroll right here. Spring is an incredible alternative, and I’m here to tell you why.

1. NEW GROWTH: Because lush greens, new flowers, flowing streams, and sometimes idyllic temperatures aren’t enough? If you send holiday cards, wouldn’t you love to receive one with your friends or

family in light colored attire, bare feet in the grass, standing with the incredible (dare I say not as crowded) Colorado foothills in the background? Spring season is rejuvenating, and just as you see the new growth, you can also celebrate the growth in your personal life with photos – your kids completing another school year,  completing spring sports. Or maybe you need to put a season a life behind you, with Spring photos representing a new beginning.

2. WARDROBE: So may different options for Spring photo Wardrobe! Show your shoulders or arms (no judgement for

pasty winter skin here), dust off your ballet flats, get a fresh pedicure. Maybe you can double up your photo wardrobe purchase with clothes you could also wear to a graduation party, Easter or Passover, a spring Wedding.


3. STRESS. As in LESS.  As I mentioned before, wouldn’t most people like to take something off the to do list in the Fall? What if you already had your pictures back a few months before you decided to make your holiday cards? Helk, maybe you can even enjoy a holiday card sale because you are ready early with pristine family photos.  And guaranteed your photographer will be less stressed too, with more flexibility for scheduling. Not to mention that I know a lot of photographers that RAISE photo prices before Fall Sessions (because the demand is so high!) 

I really hope you run to your nearest photographer to book your Spring Family Session. Your soul, your pocketbook, your stressed Fall self might just thank you.




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