Fun during Family Photos. What does this mean?

Are you like me… and try to NOT have fun when someone casually says ‘HAVE FUN?’ What does this  mean when it is mentioned in tandem with your family photos? Fake smiles and fake laughs? Saying Cheese? Actually none of this.  Let’s dive in and chat more about defining fun and how we can be completely ourselves (without all the ‘fakery’) during our family photo sessions.

What does fun MEAN to you?

Fun is a word thrown around, often carelessly. Instead of ‘fun,’ I ask my clients about a time when they felt JOY and PEACE. And this doesn’t necessarily mean happy. A moment… for example… that you were in sync with your children, at peace with your spouse, witnessing something like a perfect sunset together or eating dinner at the park. A time when you even felt GRATEFUL during the chaos of life around you?  A time when you slowed down, were present. If you take a deep breathe and think about this moment, or practice presence in the current moment, your photos will RADIATE this feeling.

Could FUN mean letting go of your expectations?

Is your wild child running away from the photos, crying, and kicking their sibling? I’ve seen everything from children eating dirt during a session to crying the ENTIRE time. But the pictures that result ONLY have to do with the parent’s reactions. What if having fun meant that, for this hour, you will allow others around you to have their feelings and behaviors – which may not be in line with what you want? And you don’t have to fake smile while you are watching your children be feral and the dog pee on your husband’s pants. BUT, being calm and TRUSTING that your photographer has ways around these things should be your first priority.

Tell your photographer the temperament of your family

Are you MOST at ease when you are snuggling on the couch watching a show? Or do you all thrive on playing a rampant game of dodgeball every evening, with everyone running and screaming? The point is, don’t force yourself into a temperament that isn’t in line with your norm. If you aren’t answering some of this in a client questionnaire, make sure you have a candid conversation with your photographer beforehand. It will make a huge difference in the final product.

 In Conclusion

Define what ‘fun’ means to you, but true to your family’s form of fun, and let go of your expectations. I promise your family photos will thank you!



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