Remember that one night? You know, the one where you could see the stars, breathe the fresh mountain air, and adventure was all around you?

Laura and I headed up to Echo Lake last night to take photos. We found the harsh setting sun, and ended the night taking time lapse pictures of the stars. We drank wine, shared in our friendship, in belly laughs, and ‘nerded’ out on camera talk, boy talk, all the talk.

Laura’s light is brighter than those stars we were capturing. She knows love an loss, grief, and serving others well. They are her silent friends, who whisper in her ear and guide her through her infectious, selfless life. I was honored to capture it.

‘No one is awkward with a little wine,’ we joked, but also, no one is awkward when they relax into the softness of their own skin, and accept all who they are with a giant breath. That’s exactly what Laura did on that mountain.




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